Fighting the Dreaded Rain Rot

Fighting the Dreaded Rain Rot

Some great tips in this article for treating rain rot on horses.


All American Quarter Horse Congress

I will be in Ohio October 9th-27th braiding at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.  If anyone would like to book an appointment, you may do so by emailing me at  I will be back in Florida by the 30th to resume body clipping for fall.  Yes, it’s that time again!  Even my own horse is getting fuzzy. 

Spring/Summer Slow Down

So we are wrapping up the body clipping season, but we are still accepting bookings for those horses that just “won’t shed out” anymore.  With all the happenings at HITS Ocala this year, it has been an unusual season to say the least.  However, things are starting to look busy for the RMI Florida shows which is a good thing.  The summer season is usually pretty slow for me since I do not travel .  I anticipate staying local for braiding Quarter Horse, 4-H, and Dressage shows. I’ve also entertained the possibility of traveling some for the summer shows but that will all depend on taking a leave of absence from work.

Things also slow down at the vet clinic as well which means reduced hours. I make the best of it by concentrating on our garden (both flower and vegetable) and making jewelry and beads to sell.  It is also almost Derby time so I will be celebrating and missing Kentucky the first Saturday in May!  Best of luck to all of the horses on the Derby Trail and hoping for safe trips for everyone!

EHV-1 outbreak in Florida

Yes, I know, I have neglected to update my blog in some time.  Normally my busiest time of the year, my braiding and body clipping business has come to a screeching halt.  Here are some press releases regarding the viral outbreak by The Chronicle of the Horse (

I would like for all of clients to know that we are following bio-security measures to ensure the safety of their horses.  We disinfect all of our equipment with bleach and 1-Stroke Environ.  We disinfect our clipper blades with Barbicide and spray with Clipercide while clipping. I encourage anyone with any questions to contact me.  As many of you know, I work full-time as a vet -tech at an equine hospital, so I have had many years of experience with isolated horses and bio-security measures.  Best of luck to everyone for the remainder of the winter show season and wishing a quick recovery to all horses affected.

It’s fall, time to consider bodyclipping

Fall is here and it is still very warm here in Florida.  For somebody who grew up in the north, it’s hard to get ready for fall events like Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It just still feels like summer here!

Meanwhile, triggered by shortened daylight, the horses’ hair coats are starting to grow out for the winter.  I have been spending a lot of days this month body clipping horses.  I will be taking appointments all through the winter season.  Additionally, my husband will be starting a blade sharpening service.

Want to get the best clip possible?  Please make sure your horse or pony is bathed and dry before clipping.  This is better for your horse and your clippers.  Dirt will dull blades quickly.  It will also cause more “clip lines” in your horse’s coat.  To get the most out of your horse’s clipped coat, be sure to curry and groom everyday to keep the hair smooth and shiny!

Need your horse clipped?  Just email me at

Summer in Florida

Things have slowed a bit since HITS and the spring show season.  July and August always seem to be the slowest months around here.  This allows me time to work on my website, get this blog up and running and participate in other activities I like to do.  When I’m not a a horse show or at work you’ll find me catching up on my gardening, reading, kayaking and other various outdoor activities such as going to the beach.  Additionally, I work on some jewelry designing and lamp working glass.  I also use this time to spend riding my own horse and catching up on his grooming needs.

Summertime is always a battle with our horses’ hair bleaching, bugs, fungus and other “Florida Funk”.  Every year I battle the cannon bone crud and hair bleaching.  Unfortunately, the barn where I board will only turn out during the day so he always gets sun bleached in the summer.  I am currently experimenting with some topical products to slow this process down (my barn won’t put on fly sheets either).  If any one has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear about them.  I’m always interested to hear what remedies people are using so feel free to comment.

Thank you for visiting my blog and check back soon!