It’s fall, time to consider bodyclipping

Fall is here and it is still very warm here in Florida.  For somebody who grew up in the north, it’s hard to get ready for fall events like Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It just still feels like summer here!

Meanwhile, triggered by shortened daylight, the horses’ hair coats are starting to grow out for the winter.  I have been spending a lot of days this month body clipping horses.  I will be taking appointments all through the winter season.  Additionally, my husband will be starting a blade sharpening service.

Want to get the best clip possible?  Please make sure your horse or pony is bathed and dry before clipping.  This is better for your horse and your clippers.  Dirt will dull blades quickly.  It will also cause more “clip lines” in your horse’s coat.  To get the most out of your horse’s clipped coat, be sure to curry and groom everyday to keep the hair smooth and shiny!

Need your horse clipped?  Just email me at