Summer in Florida

Things have slowed a bit since HITS and the spring show season.  July and August always seem to be the slowest months around here.  This allows me time to work on my website, get this blog up and running and participate in other activities I like to do.  When I’m not a a horse show or at work you’ll find me catching up on my gardening, reading, kayaking and other various outdoor activities such as going to the beach.  Additionally, I work on some jewelry designing and lamp working glass.  I also use this time to spend riding my own horse and catching up on his grooming needs.

Summertime is always a battle with our horses’ hair bleaching, bugs, fungus and other “Florida Funk”.  Every year I battle the cannon bone crud and hair bleaching.  Unfortunately, the barn where I board will only turn out during the day so he always gets sun bleached in the summer.  I am currently experimenting with some topical products to slow this process down (my barn won’t put on fly sheets either).  If any one has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear about them.  I’m always interested to hear what remedies people are using so feel free to comment.

Thank you for visiting my blog and check back soon!